Update ~ From 12th Feb

Good evening all, I hope you all enjoyed your weekend… I had a family studio shoot on Saturday with six children ages eighteen months to twelve, which was fun, luckily Nana had baby shark on her phone that stopped baby from crying and she started to dance so the shoot went well in the end.  Then on Sunday I had six photographers booked onto a rear curtain sync workshop for one to ones with six amazing dancers, I think they all took some images they can be proud of.


Last meetup – Lee Sutton | All things Comps and Salons

Lee shared with us a full explanation of all the competitions he enters from BPE’s to FIAP to PSA and more. Its mind blowing to see how some of the salons work with the scoring system and how much money you could actually spend.  Then we had the pleasure of seeing some of Lee’s images, it was good to see that he showed us not only his best but from when he first started and how he’s improved, It encouraging to know that it’s possible to achieve that standard if we want to.


This weeks meetupPhotographer  OThe  Year Competition | first quarterly

Tomorrow night we will have our very first photographer of the year competition, for those members who are new to competitions this competition is in four parts, there will be another three parts to this competition throughout the year and everyones points will be added together to give us the winner of the photographer of the year.


The judge tomorrow night will be the honourable Christine Widdall – MPAGB EFIAP FBPE I hope you all can make it, I am sure Christine’s insight will be beneficial to us all and this competition will set a high precedent for the coming year ahead.  Good luck to everyone that’s entered.



Middleton based Photography Exhibition

Next week 3rd march 2019 there is going to be a photography exhibition-taking place, if your interested more details can be found on our Instagram and Facebook pages or alternatively you can ask tomorrow night.


I hope you enjoy the rest of your evening and I will see you tomorrow night



With warmest regards



MPS Secretary